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Kekkilä Group

Äyritie 8 D
FIN-01510 Vantaa, Finland.

Tel. +358 20 790 4800
Fax +358 20 790 4830

Kekkilä Group has grown out of a passion for beautiful gardens, from royal grounds to the humblest cottage garden. From the very beginning, our founders worked tirelessly to create beautiful, flourishing gardens. This is a mission we carry on to this day.

In Sweden, our story began during the reign of King Charles IV in 1600s at the Hasselfors ironworks in southern Narke. Henrik Falkenberg received a tract of land from the king, on which Falkenberg began to build a business that was to become the Hasselfors Mill, specialising in agriculture, forestry and ironwork. For centuries, the mill was passed down through the family.

In the 1800s, the peat lands surrounding the mill started to be used for fuel in the furnaces of the ironworks, and rapidly expanded its use to agriculture. After the Second World War, Hasselfors Garden started to package peat for use in home gardens – the first company to do so in northern Europe. The iconic Solmull pot mix was launched in 1961, after which came a whole range of peat-based soil products. Since then, Hasselfors Garden has been a market leader in the development of growing media products.

In Finland, we go back to the early years of the 20th century at the Kekkilä manor, where agronomist Mikko Jortikka founded a successful garden for testing fertilisers and growing methods. He created 1,800 squares in his garden in which he tested the nutrient needs of different plants. Out of these tests came the first multi-nutrient fertilisers, the first of which were sold in 1924. The classic Superex specialty fertilisers came in 1960. Kekkilä's pot mixes were introduced in 1952, with a packaged soil for indoor plants. The 1960s also saw the introduction of pioneering pure peat substrates, which has been the basis of our expertise in white peats that continues to this day.

Kekkilä and Hasselfors Garden joined forces in 2000. Since then, have continued to innovate and develop new fertilisers, growing media, mulches and more.