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Kekkilä Group

Äyritie 8 D
FIN-01510 Vantaa, Finland.

Tel. +358 20 790 4800
Fax +358 20 790 4830

We believe in developing and making products that help grow healthy gardens, healthy food and healthy forests. For us, soil is much, much more than just dirt: it is the very basis in which our lives grow, from food to forests.

In the consumer segment, we manufacture and market products that enable ordinary people to grow their own food, create healthy gardens and recycle garden and kitchen waste with efficient composters. We are working to further a culture of growing edible plants and promoting composting culture in the markets we operate in.

Our products for professionals include specialised growing solutions for important segments such as vegetable production and forest nurseries. These products are more than just substrate – they are directly involved in the production of safe, healthy food for people around the world, and in reforestation projects around the globe.

All of our production is ISO-certified, ensuring the highest standards for our products, workplaces and factories, the surrounding environment.

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