Garden Shed Rest

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Garden Shed Rest, equipped with a pergola between the shed and greenhouse, is the perfect choice for those who like to take time out from gardening and relax with a cup of coffee, for example. The shed is a unique combination of garden shed and greenhouse, ideal for small-scale cultivation, and the storage of gardening tools.

Four different sheds – to suit all gardening dreams and garden types – can be built from the various shed modules. Due to its modular structure, the shed is easy to assemble. It is a durable, Finnish-made quality product, constructed from Finnish wood and toughened safety glass. The shed can be painted to match your house or in any other colour that takes your fancy.

Technical Data

Garden Shed Rest (10 m2)

Dimensions of the assembled shed:
• 4.82 x 2.107 x 2.75 m
• Weight: 764 kg

• treated pine (contains anti-mould agents)
• toughened safety glass

Roof: tin roof with a machine-sealed look (included in the delivery), with rain gutter.

Ventilation in the greenhouse: ensured with gas springs that react to warm temperatures.

Delivery in elements on special pallets. The screws and hinges required for assembly are included in the delivery.

Frame thickness: 72 mm. Glass walls and roof glass: 4 mm toughened safety glass.

The foundation is not included in the delivery.

The Garden Shed’s Raised Beds
Two Raised Beds can be ordered separately for the Sprout, Thrill, and Rest Garden Sheds. Garden Shed Harvest has room for eight Raised Beds.

Dimensions of the finished product: 80 x 59 x 23 cm

The delivery includes two Raised Beds and their wedges and screws (two per wedge).

Material: heat-treated wood

The Garden Shed’s shelves
a. two wooden shelves (87 x 30 cm)
b. one wooden shelf (87 x 60 cm)
c. two glass shelves (87 x 30 cm)

• wooden shelves: treated pine (contains anti-mould agents), thickness 128 mm
• glass shelves: toughened glass, thickness 8 mm
Shelf studs included in the delivery.