Decorative Mulch Hazelnut Brown

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45 L and 1000 L


Use Kekkilä Decorative Mulch to create new kinds of coloured surfaces in your garden. The warm colours match beautifully with plants, wood and other natural materials. Decorative Mulch decorates, covers and protects. Consisting of wood chips consistent in size and colour, it gives your garden a neat look.

Like all mulches, Kekkilä Decorative Mulch retains moisture, reducing the need for watering, suppresses weeds and protects the soil in both dry and rainy seasons.


When spread to a maximum depth of 5 cm, one 45-litre sack covers one square metre, while a 1,000-litre sack covers approximately 20 sq m. The mulch can be composted or left to decompose in place.

The colour of Hazelnut Brown is close to that of traditional bark mulch and is ideal where a neat and neutral look is desired.

Kekkilä Decorative Mulch, with a particle size of 7–50 mm, is coloured with iron oxides. This colouring method causes no harm to the environment and gives the colour resistance to changing weather conditions.

Recommended usage

  • thuja
  • lilac
  • hawthorn
  • Scotch rose
  • berry bushes
  • ligularia
  • plantain lily
  • alchemilla