Chicken Manure

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1 L, 6 L and 20 L


Kekkilä Chicken Manure is a pure natural source of nutrients for the home garden. It enhances the vitality of your garden in an environmentally-friendly way, producing abundant blooms and high yields. Chicken Manure has been carefully composted, dried and granulated.

With Kekkilä Chicken Manure you can fertilise your entire garden throughout the summer. It is the most ideal product for fast-growing summer flowers. There are three pack sizes to choose from to suit the needs of every garden.

N-P-K 4-1-2


Kekkilä Chicken Manure can be used as such or dissolved in water. The one-litre pack is ideal for regular fertilisation of summer flowers and house plants, while with the bigger packs you can fertilise your entire garden through spring and summer. See the package for detailed information on how to fertilise different plants.

Recommended usage

  • summer flowers
  • vegetables
  • root vegetables
  • herbs
  • roses
  • deciduous bushes
  • perennials
  • organic growing