Natural Peat

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65 L


Kekkilä Natural Peat is pure sphagnum peat, light in colour and uniform in texture. It is a special product, with no additives, for storing root vegetables over winter, controlling the acidity and nutrient content of soils and for organic growing.


To preserve the freshness of root vegetables over winter and to avoid the spread of storage diseases, place the vegetables in a box in layers with Kekkilä Natural Peat. In a cellar, often too dry for root vegetables, peat and a closed container help to achieve ideal humidity levels.

For organic growing, Natural Peat should be limed and fertilised, preferably with Kekkilä Garden Lime (approx. 0,5 L / 65 L of peat) and Kekkilä Chicken Manure (1 L / 65 L of peat).

Kekkilä Natural Peat is unlimed and unfertilised sphagnum peat, light in colour and 2–4 on the von Post humification scale.

Recommended usage

  • rhododendrons
  • azaleas
  • highbush blueberries
  • hydrangeas, Mahonia
  • European wild ginger
  • conifers