Garden Peat

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85 L and 320 L


Kekkilä Garden Peat, rather dark in colour, contains lime and basic fertilisers. It can be used as a growing medium and soil improver for all plants in your home garden, and it also makes an excellent complete substrate for all plants in your garden greenhouse.

Garden Peat improves the ability of sandy soils to retain water and nutrients, and greatly increases the humus content of all kinds of garden soils. It is long-acting and durable in structure.

In garden greenhouses, Garden Peat can be used as a growing medium, alone or mixed with soil. It is fluffy in texture and contains a balanced blend of fertilisers that are vital during the early development of plants. To secure a large harvest, the peat substrate should be changed every year. The old peat is ideal as a sub-component of compost and for soil improvement.


To secure a good harvest and to avoid plant diseases, greenhouse substrates should be changed every year – the old peat makes an excellent soil improver. For greenhouse use, we recommend Kekkilä Watering Fertiliser. When used for soil improvement, Kekkilä Garden Fertiliser is the best choice for fertilising.

Kekkilä Garden Soil is limed and fertilised sphagnum peat, 2–4 on the von Post humification scale.

Recommended usage

  • vegetables
  • herbs