Peat Blocks

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3 blocks / package, block size 40x24x22cm


Kekkilä Peat Blocks are durable natural components for creating different features and details in the home garden. The product has a variety of uses from Japanese-style moss gardens to traditional kitchen gardens.

Acid soil plants, such as highbush blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries, can be planted into Peat Blocks directly or into soil mixed with crushed Peat Blocks. The product is ideal for a variety of year-round uses, from creating winter shelters for tender plants in autum to bordering flower beds or building a peat wall in spring.


Kekkilä Peat Blocks are Carex-Bryales peat. Excavated from a bog, they have not been processed or treated in any way. The approximate size of one block is 40x24x22cm.

When kept in the shade and exposed to moisture, Peat Blocks become beautifully covered with moss. The growth of moss can be promoted by applying a mixture of chopped moss and buttermilk to the blocks or by patting a mixture of peat and buttermilk on the block surface. Peat Blocks are able to store plenty of water, which, when released, creates an ideal microclimate for the plants.